Scape Liquid Carbon

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All plants require carbon (CO2) for photosynthesis

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  • 1 squirt, approximately 1ml, of Scape Carbon per 50L of aquarium water.
  • Useful algae suppressor (kills BBA on contact)

Scape Liquid Carbon has been developed to supply the aquarium plants an alternative carbon source to injected CO2.

While we at Scape will always recommend injecting CO2 into the aquarium, we know that it is not always the easiest, or most affordable, method of supplying Carbon to the aquarium. Scape Liquid Carbon will supply the required Carbon to the aquarium plants, by dosing 1 squirt, approximately 1ml, of Scape Liquid Carbon per 50L of aquarium water.

Scape Liquid Carbon has the added advantage of suppressing algae growth. Scape Liquid Carbon will kill Black Beard Algae on contact. As well as various other types of nuisance algae, such as thread algae, hair algae, dust algae and staghorn algae.

1 review for Scape Liquid Carbon

  1. jakkals.iphone (verified owner)

    great carbon additive for a low tech tank to help the plants grow.

    My low tech tanks have really exploded in plant growth with this product.

    Works well for spot treatment of algae too!

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