Customer Loyalty Programme


100 LOYALTY POINTS = 5% Cart Discount
200 LOYALTY POINTS = 10% Cart Discount
500 LOYALTY POINTS = 20% Cart Discount

Earn 1 LOYALTY POINT for every R50 spent

  • Points will automatically be added to your account once order is complete (after payment has been received) and can be monitored through your “My Account” page
  • You receive loyalty points on TOTAL cart/order totals (includes shipping cost)
  • These discounts are NOT stack-able and will be standalone (can’t be used in conjunction with other discount coupons/vouchers)
  • Once you reach a discount bracket, you’ll be given your discount code…which you can then use for ALL of your future orders.
  • As soon as you reach the next “tier”…you’ll receive your new discount code via email
  • We are rewarding our loyal customers with these discount coupon codes, so keep your code safe!! Don’t give out your code that you worked hard for and spent your own money to get, to someone else who wants to sponge off your goodwill. We will be keeping track of fair use.