Nano Aquatics


As a hobbyist, I’ve had aquariums since the age of 6…and 3 decades later I still have my hands under water more often than not…

The “problem” with being in the same hobby for such a lengthy period is that things become stagnant at times and you have to keep evolving and challenge yourself to keep it interesting and not lose focus. As such, we’ve decided to close our online store for the time being and focus on what we enjoy most…breeding quality livestock.

We also created the FISHBREEDERS SA platform to assist other hobbyist-breeders in connecting with retailers. In doing so our goal is to help retailers post COVID-19 by breeding quality livestock for the South African market, which they might struggle to import for the foreseeable future.

We will still help hobbyists source specific items and livestock where their local retailers can’t assist, but we will help promote local retailers as much as possible.

Recent Livestock Delivery

Herewith an unboxing video taken with a recent delivery we did to one of our biggest supporters/retailers: AQUA EMPIRE

Follow us on our social media accounts to see which retailer just received their latest order from Nano Aquatics.

If your local retailer does not stock our livestock already, send us a message with their details and we’ll get in contact with them to supply the livestock you are looking for. Alternatively get them to contact us directly.