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BIG changes in 2020...

During the Christmas break we took a long, hard look at NANO AQUATICS. Tons of online stores popped up in the last 18months or so, where everyone is selling the same stock as the guy next door (or at least, the next mouse click away). With that in mind, we are focussed more than ever to provide an exciting and unique experience.

Therefore, in 2020 we'll be going back to our roots and focus on breeding and playing with genes, specifically with CARIDINA SHRIMP
(and maybe one or two Apistogramma and Endler lines)

We won't be stocking equipment to start and upkeep aquariums anymore, but we will have limited items (food, leaves, plants, decor, etc) that we deem a necessity when keeping and breeding shrimp. Items we use ourselves, so you know it works.

We want to have "fun" with the hobby again...and what better way than to forget about "pushing sales" and rather focus on unique livestock and products?!

As always though, I'll be more than happy to help and assist in sourcing and providing information on which stores can assist you with whatever you need for your aquariums. Or if you new to the hobby, or simply fancy a chat...be sure to get in contact!


Caridina Strains We Currently Working With

In the reel below, the current Caridina Strains we have that we are breeding and cross-breeding with…specifically aiming to create “shadow” BEE lines. As for the Tiger lines, we just want to make the colour lines as beautiful and prominent as possible.

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